Buses, Breakfast and Books
Begins next week!
Heads up for those of us who can join this great program
on Friday Mornings from 7:20 to 8:10
We need to get vetted by the schools to be able to read with the kids again this year.
Linda, David, Sandy, John and a couple of Rotaractors joined us at various times last year, but we need to re-up our commitment.
Lois, Ed and a few of our Noon clubbers have also expressed interest in participation and notices have been placed in the Noon Club Bulletin.
Let's see if we can get at least seven (7) of us to commit to this great program which ties into our local Clubs & RI focus on Literacy.
Last year Holland East was our target school.
This year, with school reorganization, our schools are:
Holland Heights 
Holland Language Academy
(formerly Van Raalte)
They need us in each of these schools,
Here is the link to the volunteer form. If you are asked to choose a school, you may choose any one of the four.
I would appreciate if you could fill this out within the next 24 hours and get it to the person/location indicated on the form as soon as you are able.
This is such a rewarding program, we would love to have at lease 10 of us so that we could help all four of the schools listed.
See you next Thursday at Brew Merchant! We should be vetted by then if you can get the forms into Holland Public by Monday morning.
Any questions, let's review at Brew Merchant.
(aka Buck)
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.